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An entrepreneur and retired educator from the Central Valley of California, Seri embarked on a wellness and life-optimization journey while still in his twenties. A voracious reader and curious experimenter, he developed an interdisciplinary, personal routine that draws from various sciences to provide a path to wellbeing and longevity. After moving to Puerto Escondido in 2020, Seri began to practice with mind-and-body experts from around the world, and is now ready to share what he has learned. In California, Seri is in the event business, and as his clients can attest, his passion for delivering a unique experience shines through in all his undertakings. Now, Seri is delighted to say that Calibra is his most elaborate and personal project to date.


A host, an organizer, and Calibra’s Yoga & Mindfulness coach, Roma is also our wordsmith. A globetrotting yogi and writer who speaks four languages, it’s no surprise that his way of communicating is just one of the many reasons Yoga With Roma is the morning yoga class in Puerto Escondido (and this copy is so good). A New York native, he trained in the Hatha lineage in the balmy jungles of Costa Rica, and has since developed a unique, beautiful practice that leaves his students with a lightness of body and being. Since 2018, countless Puerto tourists and locals have relished Roma’s joyful rise-n-shine sequences — not to mention his musical performances all over town. A gifted musician and discerning audiophile, his yoga playlists are legendary, curated with love and precision — and will have you gliding into the postures on a musical wave. Whether you’re meditating, downward dogging, laughing, or writing with Roma, you can’t help but resonate with his sense of joy, calm, and play. 

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